Students Shine at Undergraduate Research Day

Students Shine at Undergraduate Research Day

April 27, 2019 0 By admin

Many over the University’s brightest minds shared their original senior research in subjects including biology and drama to geology, film and business around the annual Undergraduate Research Day in Axinn Library.

“I have really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s work,” said psychology major Angela Miller, who made available to the stigma of mental illness among pupils. ? “I’ve seen that it’s essential that you experience another style of research for just about any better outlook during my own.”

The event drew countless students, faculty, and administrators. Examine a lot of the talented students and projects from Undergraduate Research Day:

Elizabeth Driscoll, global studies, Rutherford, NJ

“Here To Stay: Guidelines to your Legal and Balanced Compromise within the Entry to Drones”

An internship with Amnesty International last fall sparked Elizabeth’s desire to have going through the using of drones. ?During her semester-long research, she says she was especially struck with the controversy over inaccurate casualty counts and proposes the creation of a globally panel that would evaluate individual incidents.


Antonio Fuertes, legal studies operating, Roslyn Heights, NY

“The Affordable Care Act’s Have an impact on Businesses”

“I this way topic because the kids owns several small establishments inside city, together with the ACA has received a big impact on the we operate.? What’s more, it negatively impacts the economy because those won’t opt to hire new employees when they grow their businesses as a result of coverage of health requirements around the ACA,” says Antonio, who means to spend summer seasonn studying for your LSAT in getting yourself ready school.


Chika Okuyama, film studies & production and Asian studies (double major), Sayama City, Japan

“Francis Ford Coppola and Japanese Culture”

Chika was recently chosen offer her research with a national conference for film and media students.?? Last summer she spent Ten days for a volunteer in Cambodia, where she taught English and Japanese to high school children within a remote village without the need of any electricity.? Shed prefer to become documentarian whose work supplies “as a bridge and so the world shall learn concerning the needs of places in this way.”


?Schuyler DeLuca, biology, Canterbury, CT

“Annotation of any Aspect of the D. biarmipes Dot Chromosome”

Schuyler’s research, an examination of the DNA situated in a unique style of fruit fly, is part of a national project with the Genomics Education Partnership, based at Washington University in St. Louis. ?Because fruit flies line of identical genetic elements as humans, desperation can be that this research will someday assistance inside verification and treatments for disease. ??Schuyler, however, really wants to leave fruit flies behind after graduation so he will probably attend dental school at Columbia University within the fall.

Alexis Di Gregorio, theater performance, Gloucester, MA

“Down how: A peek Into Character Development”

Alexis performed this semester in “Down the road,” a three-person stage take the revolutionary Academic Building’s Black Box Theater, and did 3 months of research for additional information on her character’s development. ?The plot, which addressed a husband and wife’s interaction developing a manipulative murderer, made her look at questions just as whether society or nature plays a role in evil.? “The whole process forced me to acquire a sense of power and confidence in me,” she says.


Tami LongJohn, geology, Nigeria and?Nika Chery, geology, Brooklyn, NY

“Using Trace Metals, Pollen, and Radiocarbon to figure out the Chronostratigraphy of a Marsh Sediment Core from North Cinder Island, NY”

Tami and Nika collaborated to analyze a sediment core sample to see what its contents would reveal in connection with the chronological changes that had were held on your lawn over ages.? Scientists often make use solution to study costs rising, ocean formation, and hurricane patterns.? Tami began this research when she joined Hofstra’s Center for Climate Study truly, after graduation, she intentions to study the impact with all the earth’s faults and fractures on fracking. ???Nika will be using her geology background to pursue graduate study in environmental engineering.

Here generally is a sample of tweets through the event:

[email protected] research on testing with the Molly within a forensic lab. #hofurd

— Hofstra University (@HofstraU) May 8, 2019


Netflix is evolving it industry we are all aware it and consumers will feel awesome. @emiliedesm #hofurd

– Hofstra University (@HofstraU) May 8, 2019


Rashad Tar researches Hofstra cats behavior – East vs. West of Cali. Ave. #hofurd

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