School for University Studies Honors Its Distinguished Students

School for University Studies Honors Its Distinguished Students

April 27, 2019 0 By admin

Hofstra’s School for University Studies (SUS) held its eighth annual Distinguished Student luncheon recently to honor 12 first-year students who achieved a grade point average of three.7 or even more through the fall semester.

“SUS faculty and students experienced an awesome opportunity around this event to closely be involved in conversation with regards to the students’ individual, positive first-year experiences,” said Senior Associate Dean Diane Herbert.? “It is a well-received celebration by all.”

The 12 honorees are Miguel Ayala, Elana Delafraz, Natalie Koch, Rebecca Krieger, Kathryn Mellon, Maika Morin, Taimur Muggo, Paula Pecego, Semanta Prashad, Jacqueline Roberts-Kpan, Kathryn Spoleti, and Octavia Thompson.

The School for University Studies was created help entering students develop a successful transition to college-level study through a liberal arts curriculum that encourages the theifs to become confident participants inside challenging academic conversation.

SUS can even host its first reception for former SUS students who’re graduating this spring on Thurs., May 1.? Faculty and lots of dozen students are required to visit and share reflections with their SUS experience.


SUS faculty with student honorees